Smart charging

by LeasePlan

Earn money and save CO2 with your car


Smart charging advantages

Earn up to € 100 every year

Save CO2 with every smart charging session

Get charging costs automatically compensated

Connect your car and charge point

Connect your LeasePlan car and Allego charge point when creating an account. Easy.

Start smart charging

Share your current battery level and the desired charge level for your next departure. Ready, set, go!

Plan ahead

Provide your weekly schedule so we can automatically start smart charging. No looking back.

Frequently asked questions

LeasePlan Energy is currently only available to drivers with a LeasePlan car and Allego charge point. In the coming months, we will make our smart charging app available to a broader market.
The LeasePlan Smart Charging app is available in the App Store and in Google Play. Just press "Download the app" to get it.
You can benefit in multiple ways. First, you save CO2 with every smart charging session. So that's great for the environment! Second, you can earn money and get your charging costs automatically compensated. Therefore you have to switch to our green energy contract. Switching is easily done in our app.